Saturday, July 19, 2008

In Honor of Nicole and Royal

This sings my soul saturday is in honor of my daughter Nicole and Royal's wedding.
Im so blessed to know my daughter is happy. Today is filled with emotions happy and tearful for me.
A lil bit of background, they had planned to get married by just going to the city hall and really that was it. Then three weeks before the date Royal's aunt was kind enough to bless them with a small ceremony at her house. Sadly with only three weeks I was unable to have the funds to make it there, though my precious daughter understood it tore my heart apart more then words can ever describe.
My daughter and me have definitely grown in the last several years in our relationship and have become very close.Praise God for this.
We were able to talk nightly about the wedding,her nerves, her dress, the music, rings,and so on, it made me feel so good to be able to be there for her emotionally. I was also able to go and buy kylee's (my darling granddaughter)dress for the wedding and get it shipped to her,with ribbon for nikki's hair along with their wedding gift:)
I look forward to sharing some pictures with everyone as soon as they are uploaded and sent my way.
Please enjoy the song and
Congratulations to the new Mr.& Mrs. Fennell

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Amy Wyatt said...

What a beautiful song! Congratulations to your daughter on her wedding. Thanks for joining us again this week!