Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Today we had a full day back to normal routing of homeschooling.This was a huge relief after all we have been through with moving/relocating, out of work, and just a lot of life changing/eye opening events. Through this we have all become stronger individuals, and with the grace of God things will start to look up. We have always been a close family however the past four months have brought us even closer-I honestly didnt think we could get any closer but here we are.
We have spent way more quality time together, worked together to get through the tough spots and just been there for each other to lean on. I thank God everyday for this.

Last night as I laid in bed thinking and unwinding I was realizing the differences in our life now to four months ago. There are some times I wish we were still in the Carolinas and things hadn't changed. But then I see how far in strength we have come and the joy the simple things in life have brought us. We have realized what you can do without, and how blessed you are to have the things you do have. Our life is in storage and yet we are surviving with minimal items and I do mean minimal. We look forward to getting on our feet and getting our possesions out of storage.
I thank God and pray to God daily for things to turn around yet to always let me remember what I have learned.

Im sorry if this seems rambling but I have lots of thoughts right now and I thank my readers/friends for taking the time to read and email me there encouraging words and prayers.
Hugs to you all and Blessings,

Friday, February 8, 2008

Feelings of Limbo

Is all I can think of to say how I feel. Some of my readers are aware of the chaos our life has been in, and we are at the point where we feeling like things are trying to take a turn for the better but yet we feel like we are trapped in the middle of falling and climbing back out.
On top of all this I had to visit the emergency room as my blood pressure was extremely high and they couldnt get it to come down and stay down. So finally when all was calmed down, they sent me home with new bloodpressure meds and some pain meds for the migraines. To say the least this has been an interesting few days being drowsy and getting headaches from the new meds,however they seem to have subsided thankfully.
So all in all today feels like a good day, the sun is gorgeous, the weather is beautiful and we have taken a few more steps back to a normal life.
Well Im off for the day to finish homeschooling and enjoy the weather.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Life is still on hold

or so it seems. Hubby is still looking for a job, thankfully he has had a few minor side jobs with his handyman business so that is starting to get going. Iam of course anxious to get his work going and get in our own place. Though through this all I have learned many things which I will touch on here and there im sure. One thing is enjoying the free things in life much more, we always enjoyed each others company however we have made it a point to go to a park or the beach and just talk and be. Im so blessed to have my hubby and kids they keep me strong.
As I sit here typing Joe(hubby) just got another call to go price a small job yeah for hubby!!!
Well the weather is beautifully sunny and breezy at 81, so we are going to take a drive before the appointment.
Take time to enjoy your day.