Friday, February 8, 2008

Feelings of Limbo

Is all I can think of to say how I feel. Some of my readers are aware of the chaos our life has been in, and we are at the point where we feeling like things are trying to take a turn for the better but yet we feel like we are trapped in the middle of falling and climbing back out.
On top of all this I had to visit the emergency room as my blood pressure was extremely high and they couldnt get it to come down and stay down. So finally when all was calmed down, they sent me home with new bloodpressure meds and some pain meds for the migraines. To say the least this has been an interesting few days being drowsy and getting headaches from the new meds,however they seem to have subsided thankfully.
So all in all today feels like a good day, the sun is gorgeous, the weather is beautiful and we have taken a few more steps back to a normal life.
Well Im off for the day to finish homeschooling and enjoy the weather.

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Earthmommy said...

Hang in ther life will get back to normal soon!! Enjoy tht summer weather for me!!