Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Proud to announce...................

The Movie Maniac

My son's blog.
I have been telling him he should start one to share all his reviews, and such on his passion of movies. To say he is Thee Movie Maniac is an understatement. He loves everything there is to do about movies. Whether he is adding them to his rather large collection, seeing them in the theatre, reading movie information in his favorite movie magazines(more on those on his blog) or just sitting talking about them its always fun to see what he has found out.
Im so glad he started his blog and his link will always be on my sidebar which I just love the one he created.
So be sure to go check it out and sit back and enjoy the show.

1 comment:

DebD said...

ooo, I'm a foreign and indie film buff...I'll have to check out his blog.