Monday, August 11, 2008

My Daybook: First Edition

Thanks to my dear friend over at At Shore's End
who directed me to this wonderful site The Simple Woman
I thought I would participate in this meme.

Outside my window is partly cloudy, and muggy, however Am enjoying watching the neighbors peacocks strut around our yard, they are so pretty.

I am thinking about all the inspiration and determination I have seen on the Olympics so far. And

I am thankful that God has blessed me with a husband,children and granddaughter who are the inspiration in my life.

From the kitchen I'm preparing a yummy dinner of chicken parmigiana and salad.

I am creating layout ideas for my daughters wedding album

I am wearing blue jean capri's and a pink t-shirt.

I am reading Joyce Meyers "Start Your New Life Today"

I am hoping for no rain tomorrow so the boys can go try out their new skim boards their dad made them.

I am
hearing my son playing video games, and the Olympics are on.

Around the house is pretty much all tidy and ready for dinner time. Then it will be time to light the candles(something we try to do nightly to help wind down) and watch the Olympics.

One of my favorite things is hearing my granddaughter talking or singing to me via the phone, since they are sadly over 1200 miles away.

A few plans for the week are to work on my daughter's wedding album, reading some of the wonderfully inspirational blogs I have been finding. And just enjoying what is around me.


Earthmommy said...

Your neighbor has peacocks? fun!

tamlovesran said...

I enjoyed reading your daybook. Too bad that your granddaughter is so far away. My parents travel a lot and our kids miss them. Trying to get my mom to start a blog, but she hasn't yet.

Have a great week,

DebD said...

Welcome to the Simple Woman's Daybook. My first time was last week and everyone was so kind and friendly.

I love your idea of candles at dinner. My kids would love that.

Peacocks!?! I've stayed in a hotel that had them wandering around the grounds - the are annoyingly noisy, but pretty.